Fish Meal 9.60-3-0 – Call For Pricing

fish mealFish Meal is a natural fish fertilizer that is an excellent source nutrients for your garden. Fish meal is high in Nitrogen, but also contains enough phosphorous to help boost phosphorous levels in your soil. Fish meal also contains micronutrients. Fish meal has a natural time release that helps develop a healthy root system and promotes vigorous growth.

Fish Bone Meal 4-20-0 – Call For Pricing

fish bone mealFish Bone Meal is an excellent source of organic phosphorous and calcium. It benefits plants in all stages of growth, especially beneficial for roots, buds, blooms. Fish Bone Meal is high in trace elements. Fish Bone Meal creates a high phosphorus fertilizer perfect for flowering and fruiting plants.

Feather Meal 12-80-0 – Call For Pricing

feather mealFeather Meal is a natural organic fertilizer made of processed poultry feathers. Perfect for plants requiring a consistent supply of nitrogen. Feather Meal works with bacteria and nematodes in the soil that breakdown the soil conditioner into nitrogen components the plants can more easily absorb. This increased bacterial process adds life to your soil base, causing increased root growth and a stronger overall root system.

Bone Meal 2-14-0 – (50 lb bag)Call For Pricing

bone mealBone Meal is a good source of phosphorus, which helps with cell and seed formation, cell division, and root growth in plants. A natural organic fertilizer, bone meal generally is recommended for bulbs and roses but can be used in just about any situation where a controlled-release form of phosphorus is needed.

Acadian Sea Kelp – Call For Pricing

Acadian sea kelpAcadian Sea Kelp is used to improve uptake of soil-applied materials and to improve plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses making your crop protection or nutritional products more effective. It also helps plants tolerate stresses imposed by certain product inputs.

Worm Castings – (1 cf)Call For Pricing

worm castingsWorm Castings provide beneficial microbes that compete with disease causing organisms. They are a natural organic soil conditioner. It helps loosen hard soil, improve soil aeration and conserve water. An excellent addition to native soils. Microbes supplied by Worm Castings compete for available food sources. Worn Castings enrich soil in micro-organisms, adds plant hormones such as auxins and gibberellic acid, and adds enzymes such as phosphates and cellulose.

Nitrogen Bat Guano 9-3-1 – Call For Pricing

9-3-1 bat guanoHigh nitrogen Guano is an excellent choice for providing essential nitrogen to garden plants and soils. The finely ground Bat Guano is ideal for vegetative stages of growth and for heavy feeding crops. Use as a soil amendment or brew into a nutrient-dense liquid fertilizer. Bat Guano provides both macro and micro nutrients along with active and dormant micro-organisms to soils. Beneficial organisms mobilize nutrients tied up in the soil, break down the compounds in the guano, and slowly release significant soluble nutrients to neighboring plant roots. With absolutely no chemical additives, bat guano offers the highest quality in organic fertilization.

High nitrogen Bat Guano can be used with indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables, ornamentals, as well as shrubs/ trees. Bat Guano is most effectively used at the root zone to heighten root and healthy development. Gardeners can apply guano as an amendment to soil and potting mixes, as a top dressing around established plants, or brewed into a highly fortified “guano tea” applied directly to plant roots as a soil drench.

Phosphorus Bat Guano 0-7-0 – Call For Pricing

phosphorus bat guanoPhosphorus Bat Guano provides home gardeners with the best phosphate, calcium, and micronutrient fertilizer available. Phosphate is very effective in promoting exceptional fruit and flower development. And because the guano is fossilized, it has no foul odor. Independent laboratory tests also show that it does not contain potentially harmful bacteria that are commonly associated with fresh guano.