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Pre-Covid Pricing – Making Every Dollar Count

In these times of economic hardship it’s never been more important to have home gardens,
Nor Cal Soil Builders is discounting $20 off per yard of Buds Blend the entire month of May.

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From Every Yard

We use the highest quality organic ingredients, sourced individually, tested regularly, and mixed here on site
so you get the most bountiful harvest possible.

Soil and Agricultural Consulting Available!

“I have always been impressed with the soil blends that I have used from NorCal Soil Builders. The office staff has been top notch and the delivery services are perfect.”

-Valarie Sullivan, 5 Star Google Review

The team Over at NorCal Soil Builders is fantastic. They work tireless hours to make their customers happy. The quality of their product is unparalleled and their commitment to customer satisfaction is top notch.

-Mendocino Original, 5 Star Google Review

So far so good… I used the buds blend for my cannabis and the garden plus for the veggies and I fed some basic compost teas to keep microbes up and I top dressed castings and compost as always and glacial rock dust about 60 days into being transplanted into this soil
I will use this soil for now on.

John Perrotis, 5 Star Google Review

Treat Your Soil Right

Primordial Powder is a Biodynamic soil amendment that is pH balanced and has broad spectrum plant, animal, and mineral based fertilizers.

Containing 20 different ingredients, our Primordial Powder was created to keep your soil alive and your plants growing healthy. Use it in your own soil mix, as a mixable fertilizer, or to rejuvenate used soil.

Use Directions:

As Mixable Fertilizer – 1 Tbs per Gallon of Water.

To Rejuvenate Soil – 10lbs per 1 yard of soil with 1 bag of worm casting and 1 bag of chicken manure if possible.







What are we all about?

At Nor Cal Soil Builders we have an unprecedented level of customer commitment. Our passion is reflected in the care we use to create every yard of living soils.

With an unwavering dedication to quality we refuse to use substitutes or fillers in our blends. We source in bulk only the finest soil amendments, minerals and organic fertilizers from all over the world. Our recipe starts with 33% perlite, 30% Cocco Coir and 19 other ingredients chosen for their specific naturally occurring attributes and blended to perfection.

Creating a habitat for microbial life, running a balanced time released regiment of nutrients and trace minerals that encourage outstanding growth rates. yields and plants health. With the satisfaction of not using chemical fertilizers. Purchase your mineral amendments and organic fertilizers at whole sale price.

What People Say About Us

I decided to try out this soil last year after always using big name bag dirt (fox farm etc.) I was blown away! best soil i have used, incredible results and the customer service is probably the best i have come in contact with in a long time. If you are shopping around, looking at other brands etc. STOP SHOPPING AND BUY THIS SOIL.

– Mike P 
Google Review

Great prices, great product and SO nice to work with! The only place we’ll buy our garden products!

– Berry S
Facebook Review

Best bulk soil hands down, great customer service, always willing to work with you and explain anything you need. I have tried soil from all over nor cal and buds is the best, no doubt. Has everything you could ask for in it.

– Joe B
Yelp Review

Quality business with quality products. Knowledgeable service. Managed and operated by local people with a passion for soil and amendments. 100% organic minerals, nutrients, and amendments. Service is top notch. Delivery service available. Convenient and efficient. Will not be disappointed. I would definitely recommend this business.

– Reggie R
Yelp Review

In short, Bud is more passionate about his soil than anyone I’ve ever met!  His soil is the best quality and you barely have to water your plant when most soils barely absorb.  We talked for an hour with him as he explained his soil base and the best way for us to use it!  Hands down best soil and we will be life long friends and customers.

– Shawn E.
Yelp Review

Love this place! Bud and his staff are excellent, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you in anyway possible. Bud takes pride in his business, as demonstrated through his blends. I use the fourway on my veggies and bud’s blend for my flowers; both remain happy and healthy throughout the season.

As a gardener who has been buying bulk soil for years, it is rare that some debris is not mixed in, and often that debris comes from compost. I’ve been through well over 10 yards this spring, and can’t report anything “at the bottoms of my piles”….I will continue to support NorCal in the future, and encourage those in Lake and Mendocino counties to do the same!

– Katherine
Google Review

Went in and realized I didn’t have my tailgate on my truck Matt helped me out and went to the shop to cut a piece of plywood for me that fit perfectly in my truck. Great soil great people

– T A
Yelp Review



Custom Soil Mixes


Mixed and Sourced By Us = Lower Prices for You


Soil & Agriculture Consulting Available

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Providing premium wholesale soil, amendments, and custom blends to farmers all over California and Oregon. 

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