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3/8-Inch Lava Rock

An often overlooked, but highly beneficial soil amendment is lava rocks. Lava rocks help soil retain moisture, add to soil structure, boost microbe activity and improve crop health and yields. These volcanic rocks can be incorporated into in-ground or container gardens, making them a useful soil additive to any style gardener.

Using 3/8-Inch Lava Rock for Soil Additive

Compared to sand, gravel, grit and crushed stone, lava rock is lightweight and easy to spread. With all the plants in the garden, lava maintains a harmonious coexistence without conflicts. The following list gives an insight into common areas of application for lava rock in the garden:

  • Weed suppression in beds, under hedges and trees, in grass pavers
  • Soil loosening as an aggregate in compacted, waterlogged earth
  • Plant base for roses, shrubs, conifers, vegetables, flowers, perennials
  • Floor fastening for access routes, driveways, work routes, seats
  • Heat storage releases stored heat to neighboring plants at night
  • Erosion blocker prevents soil erosion during heavy rain and thunderstorms