Nor Cal Soil Builders Bat Guano Fertilizer


Nitrogen Bat Guano Fertilizer (9-3-1)

High nitrogen Guano is an excellent choice for providing essential nitrogen to garden plants and soils. The finely ground Bat Guano is ideal for vegetative stages of growth and for heavy feeding crops. Use as a soil amendment or brew into a nutrient-dense liquid fertilizer. Bat Guano provides both macro and micro nutrients along with active and dormant micro-organisms to soils. Beneficial organisms mobilize nutrients tied up in the soil, break down the compounds in the guano, and slowly release significant soluble nutrients to neighboring plant roots. With absolutely no chemical additives, bat guano offers the highest quality in organic fertilization.

High nitrogen Bat Guano can be used with indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables, ornamentals, as well as shrubs/ trees. Bat Guano is most effectively used at the root zone to heighten root and healthy development. Gardeners can apply guano as an amendment to soil and potting mixes, as a top dressing around established plants, or brewed into a highly fortified “guano tea” applied directly to plant roots as a soil drench.