Nor Cal Soil Builders Primordial Powder Mix Image


Primordial Powder Soil Amendment

Containing 20 different ingredients, our Primordial Powder was created to keep your soil alive. Use it in your own soil mix, as a mixable fertilizer, or to rejuvenate used soil. Use as a mixable fertilizer – 1 Tbs per gallon of water, or to rejuvenate soil – 10lbs per 1 yard of soil with 1 bag of worm casting and 1 bag of chicken manure if possible.

Ingredient List:
Humic 1, humic 2, fish meal, feather meal, nitro bat guana, soft rock phos, fish bone, bone, phos seabird, kelp, shrimp meal, crab meal, alfalfa meal, neem cake, glacial rock dust, lime, elmite, oyster, gypsum.