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The Best Cannabis Comes from the Best Soil

Not all soil is suitable for cannabis and in order for a strain to thrive and reach it’s maximum potential, care needs to be taken when choosing your soil and amendments. Each strain, each location, each growing method deserves the most beneficial soil.

Investing in the perfect soil for each strain/location can drastically change overall production, flavors, and health of the final flower. 

We’ve been growing and working with growers for decades experimenting to create not just “the best organic soil for cannabis” but the one which works best for each situation. Different soil blends are needed to create the desired end experience whether your focus is flavor, yield, water retention, etc. 

Water retention is another critical item to consider when choosing or designing your soil blends, with water becoming increasingly controversial and important to every agricultural industry and life in general. 

Contact us directly: 707-263-4431 and we can work with you to recommend the best organic soil blend for your cannabis growing routine and if we don’t have a blend already we are happy to work with you to create a custom blend! 

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